Monthly Archives: October 2014

We All Matter, “Even the Least of Us” (Excerpt from Alexander McCall Smith)

This excerpt expresses my long-term goals for this blog. It’s from Alexander McCall Smith in Sunshine on Scotland Street from the 44 Scotland Street series. And at that moment, in Angus’s eyes, the room was transformed. The small crowd, brought together to mark the return of their hosts from a short absence, became not just a collection of people […]

Ari Marsh on Musicianship and Non-Conformity

I met Ari about 7 years ago at a West African dance class in Encinitas. I was a dance student and he was one of the drummers. Sometimes Ari was in an ensemble of 8 drummers and sometimes it was just him; he would carry the complete beat and energy of the class. I could’ve attended […]

Judy Berlfein on Aspects of Family

I’ve seen Judy in yoga class once a week for a few years. She always requests neck and shoulder stretches because of how much time she works at a computer. After class she might discreetly announce Meet-The-Candidate events and fundraisers. She’ll say one or two sentences and add, “Let me know if you’d like more information.” At a fundraiser […]

Brooke Tigh on Dance, Boobs and Barre

When I was Brooke’s yoga teacher, she would tell me that my underwear line was showing and I should stop wearing “granny panties.” When she subbed for my classes, I told her to wear a loose shirt and cover her cleavage so she wouldn’t distract the students. She is not fragile. Brooke says many great things […]

Susan Taylor on Being Yourself and California Culture

Susan Taylor is one of my yoga teachers at the Ashtanga Yoga Center. She creates a fun improv sequence and incorporates Pilates and circus tricks. One of my favorite things about her is that you can say anything (in or out of class) without shocking her. And she gives hugs freely, thanks students for coming and […]

Carole Bloom on Building her Career with Many Small Steps

I met Carole Bloom 6 years ago at a 10:45am yoga class. I was a new teacher at that studio and accidentally taught for 75 minutes instead of 90. Carole let me know, and since then I’ve taught her at least twice a week. She prioritizes her health and active lifestyle. Despite her being a […]