Monthly Archives: November 2014

“The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

  This poem was originally written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer in 1995. Talk about getting to know someone, huh? Skip all the bullshit and get to the important stuff. My first exposure to this poem was during a college study abroad program in Guatemala. Since then I’ve read it hundreds of times and it never […]

Randy Nome on Working Nights and Living Sober

What’s a typical day for you? I’m a health care professional. I’ve been working nights for 6 ½ years in the overnight psych department. So do I get bored? No. Is there a dull moment? No, not really. I’m basically a mental health paramedic. I’m a psychologist. I do crisis intervention. I see people when […]

Baron Fulford on Similarities Between Yoga and the Marine Corps

I noticed Baron in Susan Taylor’s yoga classes. He stands out because he looks tough, is one of the only dudes and laughs a lot. I never spoke to him until another student said, “He’s cool. You should interview him for your blog.” Good advice. When and why did you enlist in the Marines? I signed […]

Liz Lacy on Being a Sailor, Mother and Gardener

I don’t remember when Liz let it slip that she spends months on a sailboat. As soon as she did, I wanted to know more. I mean, who does that?!? But alas, we only see each other in yoga and that’s not a good forum for chatting. So I invented this blog thing as an excuse to […]

“First Day of my Life” Video from Bright Eyes is Empathy 101

This video is worth your 3 minutes. It acknowledges a range of human experience and the stories behind us all.

Lilli Rusk on Being a Housewife and Yogini

  I’ve known Lilli for a few years because we practice Mysore style Ashtanga yoga in the same room. We joke that her back’s made of wood and mine’s made of steel; we don’t easily bend. Solidarity breeds friendship. I’ve always wanted to know more about how she structures her life in such a way that […]

Aline Marie on Making Deliberate Choices for Life, Love and Happiness

Aline and I used to joke about being “yoga hustlers.” To make ends meet we were teaching multiple classes a day, driving all over town and subbing classes. Aline stood out to me because she has genuine, overflowing love for humanity. If I didn’t know her, I’d think no one like her exists. Or that they’re […]