Monthly Archives: December 2014

Catherine Clancy on Adoption

Catherine adopted her daughter 9 years ago. She admits to something wonderful in this interview that applies everyone, parents or not. She admits that during a tough time, yoga didn’t help. Yoga wasn’t magic. But her life now is quite magical and her outlook is very thought-provoking. For example, she calls the decision to be child-free “courageous.” […]

Anonymous Postcard on Surrendering a Child for Adoption

The postcard says: We will never know anything about you- not even your name… We DO know how much courage it took to make the decision you did… THANK YOU! Because of that decision we have a beautiful, amazing daughter… You likely know parents with an adopted child. It’s out there in the open, a huge […]

“Drive Like You Live Here”

I understand the sentiment behind this sign: Don’t drive like an asshole. But there are a few ways to interpret its meaning. Residents of this ‘hood  might drive slower because they know kids are playing, dogs are walking, families are biking to school, there are sharp turns and intersections with no stop signs. Or maybe “Drive […]

Liz Lee on Being Independent, yet Family-Oriented

I did a 100-hour teacher training with Liz this past year. That translates to about an hour of actual conversation, thanks to breaks and partnering. When I asked her to do this interview, all I could really remember about her is that she’s open, easy-going and has a crazy good purvottanasana. You’re from SD, went to college at Barnard […]

Manny Rodriguez on MMA, Yoga and Love

I met Manny only a few weeks ago in a yoga class. He made a passing comment about not setting limits for himself. He assumes everything is possible and is open to trying new things. Naturally, I wanted to ask him about his friends, his love life, parties and God. Turns out he’s a professional […]

Tracey Stockalper on the Family Businesses

Tracey is one of those women who could be intimidating. She’s pretty, can balance in handstand in the center of the room and writes songs that she sings in public places. Yet somehow she’s not scary. She owns a yoga studio with her mother and plays in a band with her brother. You’re co-owner of […]