“Drive Like You Live Here”

driveI understand the sentiment behind this sign: Don’t drive like an asshole. But there are a few ways to interpret its meaning.

Residents of this ‘hood  might drive slower because they know kids are playing, dogs are walking, families are biking to school, there are sharp turns and intersections with no stop signs.

Or maybe “Drive Like You Live Here” means that because you know all the curves in the road, you can go faster. Have you ever been behind a tourist who’s barely coasting while messing with his GPS? Then you know that being a “local” means driving at a normal speed.

Or maybe “Drive Like You Live Here” means that you don’t have to use a turn-signal. After all, residents know the trends of the neighborhood and when the streets aren’t crowded. If there’s no one around, no one will care if you plan on turning into that driveway, right?

The only thing for sure is that in this particular neighborhood, there reside as many crappy drivers as any other neighborhood. Here’s where our yoga work comes in. We need to remember that we don’t know what’s happening in the driver’s life. Maybe she’s speeding because she just got a call that her spouse is at the hospital. Maybe she’s driving too slow because she’s sad or feels sick. Maybe he’s not using a turn signal because his right hand is holding a coffee cup (while the wrist controls the steering) and his left hand is holding a cell phone. Still, we don’t know why he needs that coffee or if the call is important to him. We can’t always justify the actions of others, but we also don’t know what’s going on behind their windshield.



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