Anonymous Postcard on Surrendering a Child for Adoption


The postcard says:

We will never know anything about you- not even your name… We DO know how much courage it took to make the decision you did… THANK YOU! Because of that decision we have a beautiful, amazing daughter…

You likely know parents with an adopted child. It’s out there in the open, a huge life event they’re proud of and celebrate. But do you know someone who gave their child up for adoption? Because of the stigma associated with surrendering a child, it’s often kept a secret. This Thank You note, sent anonymously to PostSecret, honors the life of the birth mother. The adoptive parents show humility and gratitude.

The next interview posted will be Catherine Clancy, who adopted her daughter 9 years ago. If you’re a reader who gave a child up for adoption and you want to be interviewed, please contact me.


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