Monthly Archives: January 2015

TED Talk on Compassion- Can We Practice Compassion Like We Practice Asana?

At some point when you’ve invited a friend to yoga, you’ve probably heard, “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.” To that you would reply, “But doing yoga will make you more flexible. You don’t have to start out that way.” Seems obvious. Yet on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Krista Tippett blew my mind […]

Amanda James on Remembering What We Were Born Knowing

Amanda and I were roommates back when she was vegan and not yet teaching yoga. Her dog, Jada, was a clever meat-lover who could open the fridge when we weren’t home, despite us blockading the door with furniture or duct taping it closed. One night when Amanda got home late from her job at the […]

“Coming Out as LGBT: Why Yoga Can Help” (Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS)

Recently someone that I’ve loved for almost two decades came out to me through text message. I was giddy with excitement for him, but that gave way to frustration. He’s wallowing in self-pity and is resigning to live unfulfilled. Perhaps he thinks himself undeserving or unlovable. If he would develop a yoga practice, learn ahimsa and […]

Aiden Moran on Growing Up with Yoga

I’ve only met Aiden a handful of times in yoga class. It’s Tracy Moran, his mom, that I see often. She’s a metaphysician, which, until you meet her, might sound a little nuts. She calls on Divine Light to help someone spiritually heal their aura and chakras. The Morans are a high-functioning family and I […]