Aiden Moran on Growing Up with Yoga

AidenModelI’ve only met Aiden a handful of times in yoga class. It’s Tracy Moran, his mom, that I see often. She’s a metaphysician, which, until you meet her, might sound a little nuts. She calls on Divine
Light to help someone spiritually heal their aura and chakras. The Morans are a high-functioning family and I wondered how much of it, if any, is because of Tracy’s spiritual practices. I decided to ask her oldest kid, Aiden. I’d say the kids all turned out normal, but you’ll see from this interview that normal would be considered a few steps down.

Your parents are still together. From your perspective, what makes their marriage successful?

I think the reason my parents have a successful marriage is because they’re both religious and loyal. They made a commitment when they got married and know if they broke that, they would be going against their faith and setting a bad example for us. Of course every relationship has its ups and downs but being the smart people they are, my parents know they will get through it and that they love each other. My mom spends a lot of time instilling the best way to live our lives and my dad, one of the hardest workers I know, is dedicated to his work but spends a lot of time with his family.

You have three siblings. What’s your take on personal space and being alone? (Being alone means you’re not texting anyone either.)MoranFamily

I think this goes hand in hand with yoga and clearing your mind. Being in a house with six people can get chaotic, but having your own quite space can give you time to reflect and think about things. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t think of too many times where I’ve been alone without my phone, but that’s definitely something I have to work on. That’s why I give props to my dad. He’s not nose-deep in technology like the rest of the family. When we are zoned off in our phones, I guess that’s alone time for him (laughs.)

What do you think about energy healing? Have you ever been a recipient of healing treatments? What are the reactions of your friends when you try to explain it?

At first I kinda thought it was a little kooky. But when my mom explains the classes and the healings she’s experienced, it makes it seem more legit. I mean, this world is all vibrating energy, so I think the healing can definitely have an impact. Whenever I have an injury, my mom insists that I let her give me a treatment and I usually give in just to make her happy. Also, whenever I talk to my mom when I’m at school she always tells me she is sending me light or encourages me to down ray certain light to help me with my situation. [This is terminology from healing and meditation practices at the Spiritual Arts Institute]. A little piece of me feels better knowing my mom is sending that light and protecting me. Honestly, I don’t even try to explain it to my friends because I think it would make their heads hurt or they would think I’m involved in some hippie magic. They see the stuff at my house when they come over and give me shit for it, but it doesn’t bother me.

Your family sometimes goes to church. Are you religious? How often do you think about or talk to God?

I’m definitely a believer in Karma and doing the right thing. I’m Catholic, but not as hardcore as people think of them. My mom plays a big role in my belief system and I am thankful for that. I think about God every day because of the little things I see, such as homeless people on the streets or unfortunate situations. Seeing these type of things reminds me how blessed I am for living the life that I do. I would probably say almost every day I stop and appreciate a lot of stuff in my life. I’m so fortunate for the area I live in and the opportunities I’ve been given, as cliché as that sounds. It’s why I’m trying to get more involved with community service. My mom said serving others is the best way to get close wAiden3ith God and I agree with her.

What qualities do you look for most in friends? Is there anything a friend could do/say/be that would make you stop wanting to be their friend?

Some qualities I look for would be people who are outgoing and funny, as well as down to Earth and adventurous. I would say most of my friends are kind people. I don’t want to surround myself with people who are lazy and don’t like pulling triggers on things. Something that would deter me from being their friend would be if they were always trying to intentionally hurt people or they gave up on going out and experiencing things.

What was your favorite thing about high school? What aspect of high school do you hope your kids won’t have to endure?

That’s funny that you ask this. My girlfriend always makes fun of me for talking about high school even though I graduated three years ago. I think my favorite part about high school was how everyone was so tight. If I went to any event, I could hold a conversation with anyone because we were all connected. A two-minute walk to class would take 10 minutes because you would be messing around with everyone you saw during the walk over. It’s weird to think everyone is living their own life anAidenPartyd there is a good amount of people I will probably never see again. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t want my kids to endure. Maybe not being exposed to drugs so they don’t screw up their lives.

Would your life be any different if you weren’t good-looking? Like maybe people treat you a certain way? What do you think about that?

This is a weird question (laughs.) Honestly I don’t notice if people treat me any differently because of looks. I try to be kind to people and hopefully they treat me the same way back.

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