“Coming Out as LGBT: Why Yoga Can Help” (Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS)

Recently someoneLGBTarticle that I’ve loved for almost two decades came out to me through text message. I was giddy with excitement for him, but that gave way to frustration.

He’s wallowing in self-pity and is resigning to live unfulfilled. Perhaps he thinks himself undeserving or unlovable. If he would develop a yoga practice, learn ahimsa and realize his value, he might be more equipped to come out to his friends and family.

See more at: http://yoganonymous.com/coming-lgbt-yoga-can-help/#sthash.WXXChyNO.bYj3qZus.dpuf

I wrote this article knowing that it couldn’t possibly address all coming out scenarios. I tried to acknowledge the complexities with brief sentences like, “If you’re LGBT and live where people can come out without fear of physical harm or imprisonment, why wouldn’t you?” and “Adults who are financially independent could give their parents the opportunity to prove themselves allies.” There are many situations in which yoga will not be a magical fix.

But in my friend’s case, the one discussed in the article, he has financial independence, an education, a resume that make him an asset to his employer,  a liberal family and residence in a liberal city. He is not suffering under the same oppression as Matthew Shepard (back in the day) or Leelah Alcorn (last week.) But my friend is suffering, and that’s difficult to watch.

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