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Janie on Heartbreak and Celibacy

Janie drives like a New Yorker which, coming from me, could be a compliment. It’s possible that her pre-yoga 6am excuse holds up but we’d have to follow her for a few days to know for sure. Just be warned that she likes to back into parking spots and be ready to brake or swerve out of […]

Tamara Lafferty-Totman on Her Resume as a Yoga Teacher

About 5 years ago, Tamara and I were teaching yoga at many of the same places. She left to join the “normal” workforce, the people who can’t wear pajamas or sweatpants to work. But soon she came back. Here’s how it went down. What is one thing on your resume that you would change if you […]

Julie Stansell on Changing Her Mind

I purposely chose skin-revealing photos of Julie to accompany her self-revealing answer below. You’ll see why. By only appearances, we simply can’t know how someone feels or what they’re going through. What was the last thing you changed your mind about? The first thing that comes to mind is that I wasn’t going to eat carbs […]

Amy Willett on her Recent Graduation from Yoga Teacher Training

When Amy started yoga 17 years ago, she considered yoga class “nice music and a big game of Simon Says.” She just finished her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification in Carlsbad, CA. To graduate from the Teacher Training, you had to teach a sample of poses to the other teacher candidates. How did you psych yourself […]

Confessions of a New Age Failure

Originally posted on Linda Vernon Humor:
  My Karma’s hit a snafu My third eye’s on the blink My Chakra lights are dimming And my Guru is a fink   My mantra it has asthma My Buddha’s out to lunch To top it off my psychic’s got Her bloomers in a bunch  My levitation doesn’t…

My Guru, Diva the Rottweiler

This is one of my Gurus, Diva. I am made better simply by being in her presence. In this blog, I’m attempting to foster love for Humans-in-General by understanding the lives of some. But you don’t have to know anything about Diva to love her and be affected by her magic. To know she exists is enough.   […]