Julie Stansell on Changing Her Mind

JulieTriathleteI purposely chose skin-revealing photos of Julie to accompany her self-revealing answer below. You’ll see why. By only appearances, we simply can’t know how someone feels or what they’re going through.

What was the last thing you changed your mind about?

The first thing that comes to mind is that I wasn’t going to eat carbs this week, but I “changed my mind” and ate a muffin this morning. That’s the short answer. But the last meaningful thing I changed my mind about? Well… I ate a muffin this morning.

I ate a muffin this morning because I changed my mind. I decided not to let fear play a part in any more of my decisions- big or small.

I recently gained a minimal amount of weight (two pounds.) It sent me into a panicky spiral where I envisioned sweat pants, bon bons, loneliness. I swore off all carbs. I’ve recently been through a divorce after being betrayed for years. It’s hard to feel good about myself when I’ve been put through the wringer by someone I thought was my best friend. I fear I’ll never be good enough, thin enough, ‘fill in the blank’ enough. And that fear [made me] “need” validation from others. Like someone telling me, “You look great!” See how two pounds becomes a very heavy burden?
But I changed my mind this morning. No more fear. I am enough. (Don’t worry; I’m not going to go out and eat mountains of muffins in the name of fearlessness.) 
If I live a healthy, balanced life (that includes the occasional muffin,) I’m perfectly me. And the right person will show up at the right time and will love the real, true, fearless me.JulieSUP

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