Monthly Archives: April 2015

Check Out my Swollen Ankles: Travel Yoga Counts

My ankles are swollen. From downward dog, I had a clear view of the elastic band pattern left by my socks. This is what 36 hours of transit will do. I didn’t do any yoga during my 5 hour layover in Johannesburg because I was full of “Full English,” British Airways’ version of the biggest […]

Carla Nappi on Love, Work and Play

Tell us about the first time you were in love. So, this is gonna sound strange, but I would have to say the first person that made me think, “Oh, This is love,” is the person that I’m with now. I met David on a ski trip through mutual friends. Actually, his best friend from […]

Pete Murray (Part Two) on Life Outside of Music

This is Part Two of Pete’s interview. Part One is “Pete Murray on Rock Stardom.” Readers, I haven’t bossed you around yet so perhaps you can indulge me this one time. You NEED to check out the homepage of Pete’s band Life on Planet 9. It’s what every filmmaker wishes they came up with. When […]

Pete Murray (Part One) on Rock Stardom

Many of you blog readers have cornered me near the shoe cubbies to ask when I’m going to interview Pete Murray. I did some cyber stalking and learned that he’s sorta famous. He has fans and his own entry on Wikipedia. Despite having been interviewed countless times all over the world (including for the New […]

Cameron Mehta on Navigating into His Chosen Life

Not too long ago, Cameron was intimidated by “Improv Level 4/5” on the class schedule. I told him, “If the likes of me is in there, you can definitely do it.” Sure enough, he is the gifted pupil and his abilities provide much amusement for the rest of us. You can easily bend backwards and […]