Cameron Mehta on Navigating into His Chosen Life


Not too long ago, Cameron was intimidated by “Improv Level 4/5” on the class schedule. I told him, “If the likes of me is in there, you can definitely do it.” Sure enough, he is the gifted pupil and his abilities provide much amusement for the rest of us.

You can easily bend backwards and hold your ankles. This reminds me of girls who wear headbands horizontally on their foreheads and hug everybody. Do you fall into this hippie category?

I’d say over the last couple years I’ve come back to some of the things I appreciated when I was younger, which is being in nature, being in my body, eating and cooking. All of those things help keep me grounded and rooted in the present. Before, I was driving really hard for school and had anxious tendencies. Now I’ve found a community and everyone is really nurturing to each other so I suppose I’m sort of hippie-ish.

Where do you stand in regards to school?

I went to CalPoly for just a little bit. I went in as a junior from high school because I had a bunch of credit. But I went in with no idea what I wanted to study, no interests, very little positive connections with people there. I didn’t connect with the daily routine or the vibe. I came back from school about a year ago.

I have no intention to get a degree. I’ve been doing something for the last few months that’s way different than all the other aspects of my life, and it’s something that I don’t talk about too much. I’ve started learning some trading online of currencies and futures. I study that for a few hours and trade for a few hours right when I get home from practice. [In the future] I’d like to travel and be able to live nomadicly. So I need to be able to harvest money and travel on my own time. I don’t want to be controlled by a job.

For me to get a degree, it would just be about making money. So I might as well just be trading to make money. I would like to continue to study various things, like permaculture, by reading on my own. Degree or not, I’m not sure. My parents think… I don’t know, that’s a whole other interview I guess.

What is the last major fight/confrontation you’ve had?

Definitely with my parents. There has been a lot of frustration in my family, especially between me and my dad, and also my dad and mom. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the parenting in the house because of the conflict between them. But me and my mom have a really close connection. I love my dad but there are a lot of difficulties. He has a corporate job that he goes to from 8-5 everyday. And he doesn’t say that he loves it but he won’t say that he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t really have opinions on too many things. I have stronger opinions.

Back to our last fight. We have a big garden. A Mexican worker came over to help us garden in the backyard and my dad said to my mom, “Can you go to Burger King to get him a burger? He wants a burger.” I don’t eat any meat or animal products, neither do my parents. We’ve had lots of discussions about meat and I’ve always, for my whole life, been passionate about the food that I eat. My dad, for the most part, is in conjunction with my thinking. But with his request for Burger King I got decently frustrated and pretty confused about why he would go and do that. It felt selfish to me. It’s the selfish mindset of not eating animal products because of your personal health instead of for the health of everyone else, especially the animals themselves. It’s possible to give the gardener something that’s not meat. He would either eat it or not. Lots of illogical arguments came up. So I got frustrated. That was the last time I got upset.

Cameron2Did you yell at Dad? How did you discuss it?

I have a soft, sort of confused condescension. But I don’t really get too mad or yell anymore. I still get frustrated, mainly with my parents because I’m living at home. Not too much with other people.

There’s a morality issue for me sometimes with conversations. When I would loudly express my point, I believe that whatever I’m saying would be to help give a hint to this person about whatever they’re doing wrong. On the other side, if I’m not yelling and I stay centered and let the other person have their experience, I feel maybe I’m not doing my duty of helping them or showing them what’s going on. So I try to balance between the two intentions.

Along with a good percentage of this town, you’re a yoga teacher. How is that working out for you?

I go back and forth about teaching, between liking it and not liking it. It’s really healthy for me to get up in front of people and talk. It’s not something I normally do. I’m more introverted and gravitate toward time alone and time that’s quiet, a little more isolated.

But sometimes those things slip away into things I don’t like. It can feel difficult for me to hold the space as “teacher” and I get frustrated with my expectations. It can be difficult to find the point [I want to make], and then even more challenging to try to convey it in the class. I also don’t practice where I teach nor do I connect with the environment there, which leaves me feeling like I am opposing the studios’ traditions and disconnected. I’m in the process of evaluating dropping my classes for a little while or maybe leaving one class per week and see how I feel. Overall, I am learning the ways to communicate with the students, and people in general, and could see myself possible returning to teaching a few years down the road.

Have you ever been in love?

With a woman?

Not necessarily.

(Long pause.) I’m thinking of how to respond to this. Ya know, I haven’t really ever in my life had a strong romantic relationship or a long-term romantic relationship. But I’ve had lots of love for my family and friends.


You could come to Tim Miller’s Mysore classes to watch Cameron contort into unusual shapes. Or, better yet, look for his name on the class schedule at Yoga Six.



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