Monthly Archives: May 2015

Belinda Pearl on Immigration from South Africa

Belinda has an accent. In my ignorance, I didn’t know it was a South African accent until we had been students together for at least a year. What’s your immigration story? I was a Track & Field athlete in South Africa, and a massage therapist and holistic healer. I randomly met a U.S. Olympic long […]

Jennifer McMenamin Alexander on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jennifer is known in Encinitas for taking two or three yoga classes a day, being late to class, being very skinny and posting cat photos on Facebook. This interview will explain some of that. Tell me about when you were first diagnosed with MS. Pretty much my entire life I’ve been ill in some way or […]

Fall in Love and Cut Everyone Some Slack

The past few weeks I’ve spent 20+ hours a day loving animals. Eating and yoga were my only daily activities without them. (Yes, I slept with them.) Moments from this animal sanctuary will play on the highlight reel at my deathbed. There were 30-45 other volunteers. Since this blog is designed to help me build love […]