Aubrey Hackman Fills In The Blanks


1. Yoga selfies are silly but entertaining.

2. When I get home after a long day, the first 3 things I do are take off my shoes, take a shower and go to bed (to get up early to get to yoga.)

3. My supermarket splurge is Whole Foods Parmesan crisps.

4. My favorite dance song is “It’s Bigger than Hip Hop” by Dead Prez.

5. If I got arrested it would most likely be for protecting someone else.

6. The thing that most inspires me to stay out of jail is nothing.  I’m not afraid of going to jail- I’d have plenty of time to practice my mudras and pranayamas. Actually this is not true- Florescent lighting for life would be torture.

7. If I lost the use of my legs, I would spend my time teaching and studying yoga with Matthew Sanford.

8. Of all my professional responsibilities, training yoga teachers gives me the most satisfaction.

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