Debra Hodgen Fills In the Blanks

Debra31. When I’m hosting a dinner party, my go-to best dishes are vegan chili, cornbread or veggie lasagna.

2. The book I most want to see turned into a movie is The Dalai Lama’s Cat because it’s a very sweet and humorous story with some wonderful teachings.

3. I fight the urge to give advice when I am not asked. I feel like I want to give advice regarding parenting and animal care, but I usually refrain. It’s tough!

4. The best gift I ever received was the gift of Shaktipat (Spiritual Awakening) from my Guru. It has transformed my life and her grace continues to guide me.

5. If my friend told me, “We’re dedicating this Saturday to art,” I would hope they’re planning to include dance.

6. One instant in my life that I knew was special while it was happening (as opposed to realizing it later was) giving birth.

7. An item on my Bucket List that scares me (but I’ll do it anyway) is hang glide.

8. Life before social media was localized, more experiential, more kinesthetic, more connected to nature, more deeply connected.

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