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Get It While You Can

The African dance class in my town hosts a different teacher every week. Last week, our teacher was the famous Guinean dancer Abdoulaye Sylla. A few days later, while teaching in Sebastopol, California, he suffered a heart attack in class and died. During one of many memorials, a drummer said, “For any artist, that is the best way […]

YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO (the most of) //Guest Blog

Originally posted on Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker:
A follow up post inspired by Sara Glancy’s post “Why It’s Time To Call Bullshit on The ‘Starving Artist’ Myth” My name is Christopher Gabriel Núñez, I am a writer / actor / rapper and I haven’t worked a survival job in over a year. Let’s…

Amelia Cranson on Success and Love

You’ll want to sit down with a cup of tea and read this answer aloud to whoever’s in the room. Amelia is a well-spoken intellectual (who knew?! She laughed at my very juvenile jokes in class the other day.) She gives us a lot to contemplate. What’s your definition of success? By that definition, do you consider yourself […]

I’m a Meat-Eating Yoga Teacher (and I Would Eat Dog)

I just had this article published in the Unpopular Opinion column at I knew it would elicit strong responses, but the comments on generally dismiss my ideas as hilarious and too absurd for real consideration. Hey, they supported their comments with cute GIFs so it’s all good! But please comment on this blog […]

Your Body and Personality is Just an Illusion

“You are not your body.” After years of yoga, we tend to come to that conclusion. The body is the vessel. As Ani DiFranco said, “My body is borrowed. Yeah, I got it on loan. For the time in between my mom and some maggots.” It’s harder to accept that we’re also not our thoughts, […]

Julia Fukuhara Fills In the Blanks

1. My favorite magazines to find in a waiting room are they still have magazines in waiting rooms? Doesn’t everyone own a smart phone? 2. If I wasn’t working as a pediatric hematology oncology nurse, spin/yoga instructor, Advocare advisor or raw vegan baker, I’d be an electronic music DJ. 3. Even though it’s not yogic […]