Julia Fukuhara Fills In the Blanks

Julia1. My favorite magazines to find in a waiting room are they still have magazines in waiting rooms? Doesn’t everyone own a smart phone?

2. If I wasn’t working as a pediatric hematology oncology nurse, spin/yoga instructor, Advocare advisor or raw vegan baker, I’d be an electronic music DJ.

3. Even though it’s not yogic of me, I have had the thought, “If I could just do chakrabandasana more like Kino Macgregor, I’d be happier.” (or at least I could have a bad ass party trick.)

4. If my life had a soundtrack, Disney music would play while at work, electronic dance music would play during a workout and a choir of angels would play during sex.

5. A movie quote you might hear from me is  “on the line” from The Internship.

6. When I’m pissed off at my boyfriend, I can think about him staying with me through nine months of night shift and two years of grad school, being thousands of miles away from his family (they live in South Africa), he deals with stuff I hate like car insurance and car maintenance, he puts up with my crazy work/teaching/yoga schedule, and that I probably won’t find anyone close to how adventurous he is, and forgive him.

7a. Because I bring my own bags to the grocery store, I can donate wooden nickles to the Children’s charity box at Jimbo’s. (Only because they give me a wooden nickel when I ask for a nickel off!)

7b. The charities I support with memberships and credit cards are: I feel that volunteering your time is a better way of sponsoring an organization when you are broke like me: Sean O’Shea Foundation, Yoga Gives Back, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Maxlove and NEGU (Never Ever Give Up).)

8. The best hanging-out with friends while spending zero dollars is going to the beach.


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