I’m a Meat-Eating Yoga Teacher (and I Would Eat Dog)

SplitsWithWarthogI just had this article published in the Unpopular Opinion column at xoJane.com. I knew it would elicit strong responses, but the comments on xoJane.com generally dismiss my ideas as hilarious and too absurd for real consideration. Hey, they supported their comments with cute GIFs so it’s all good! But please comment on this blog with more than “yoga hippies are dumb.”

Recently I horrified my yoga friends at the vegan restaurant. I was mid-way through a seitan “cheeseburger” when they found a table near mine. They said, “You eat meat but you still come to this restaurant?!?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Not every meal has to include meat. I just eat meat a couple times a week.”

“But you wouldn’t eat pork, right?”

“Yeah, I eat pork.” They were speechless so I continued, “And I would also eat dog.” After a nervous laugh on all our parts, we changed the subject. It’s possible they think I’m a monster.

Why should one type of animal be acceptable for meat consumption but not another? The types of meat available are decided by culture and religion.

Read the rest here: http://www.xojane.com/issues/im-a-meat-eating-yoga-teacherYogaWithHorses


  1. Being a vegan myself, of course I don’t condone eating meat for ethical, environmental and health reasons. But you’ve brought up a really good point in this post. Why is it okay to eat pig or cow but not okay to eat dog or cat? Many people who eat beef, steak, pork etc are horrified by the fact that people eat the meat from cats and dogs. Somehow they’ve become disconnected from the fact that they too are eating the meat from an innocent animal, regardless of what species they belong too. I’m glad you’ve brought this up 🙂

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  2. You make a good case for your point. Well thought out and well explained. Brava!

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  3. amy willett · · Reply

    Miss Rachel, As always, u r my virasana…Hero! You r bravely authentic and u inspire me to aspire for such qualities in myself, too! I enjoy your blog/insight so much… Kindly, A

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    1. “You are my virasana.” hahaha!!! should be on a t-shirt!!! thanks for reading and commenting!


  4. Yup, different cultures eat different meats. I was born and raised here, but have a “hyphen” so I was surprised to learn in my early teens that not everyone eats goat. It’s not my favorite, but like with any food its taste depends on the prep and seasoning.


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