Monthly Archives: September 2015

Instagram Can Be a Life Coach #WhoKnew

Surprisingly, it turns out that I kinda love Instagram. I can scroll through someone’s timeline and, without any words, understand what they like and prioritize. The photos create a vibe. More than other social media platforms, it feels intimate and individualistic. How we choose to present ourselves is quite telling. Here’s someone who obviously like books. […]

Are Dark-Complexioned Black Women working Twice as Hard for Half the Re$pect?

Lately I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Black Girls Talking.” I’m not black and I don’t get half of the pop references they make (who is Kreayshawn?) but I listen because they talk about race in a way that no one will when white people are present. They’re upfront and angry. They’re not trying […]

“Before This and After This”… When Life Changes in a Moment

The events that changed my life are often not events at all, but rather a few months of “something” that nudged me and led to certain decisions. This would put me in the camp of, “CHANGE IS A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT.” But I quite like the quote in the photo and gave it some […]

Inaction and My Menial Existence

I’m having a pre-midlife crisis. On my yoga mat, I can strike the balance between action and inaction, effort and surrender. (Sometimes I’m tired and the most “action” I can eek out is getting to the class. Yogis, you know.) But off the mat, it’s hard to find time for appropriate action (for how long […]