“Before This and After This”… When Life Changes in a Moment


The events that changed my life are often not events at all, but rather a few months of “something” that nudged me and led to certain decisions. This would put me in the camp of, “CHANGE IS A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT.” But I quite like the quote in the photo and gave it some thought. Here are a few life-changers that did, in a way, happen in a moment.


** The first time I heard African drumming wafting out of Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium. Dance is not just ballet! Revolutionary.

** 9/11 because it gave the U.S. government an excuse for war and spying and wasting money on shams like the TSA. I was living in downtown Manhattan when it happened but the daily mishegaas only lasted a few weeks for me, and no one I knew died. Everyone in the world has a “post 9/11” horror story, even if it’s only that you missed your flight because the security line was too long.

** When Lebanese rockets crashed down near my bus stop in the Northern Israeli countryside. Up until then, my nearest-death experiences were from my own stupidity (climbing slippery rocks without ropes, biking on dark roads without reflector strips.) At that moment and for the next few weeks I got to feel how war can affect cells in the body, and how conscious breathing and yoga can help distract us from that tension.

** The day I met my boyfriend, Thanksgiving 8ish years ago. I didn’t think anything of this friend-of-a-friend until I heard him call me Wifey and tell someone we’d been together for two years. It was so outrageous that it got my attention. He continues to crack me up and I now introduce him to people as my “future first husband.”

What’s something that changed your life or your outlook in an instant? Please comment!



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