Instagram Can Be a Life Coach #WhoKnew

Surprisingly, it turns out that I kinda love Instagram. I can scroll through someone’s timeline and, without any words, understand what they like and prioritize. The photos create a vibe. More than other social media platforms, it feels intimate and individualistic. How we choose to present ourselves is quite telling.

Here’s someone who obviously like books. She has a comfy couch and some cats.IMG_2556

I did a search for #yoga and saw millions of skinny girls in advanced poses. This woman obviously practices daily but it’s likely she’s not this color coordinated in “real life.” IMG_2558

This profile came up in my #artist search. Without words, the dramatic color schemes of her visual art tell us about her.IMG_2559

Ahhh, #random. The search that keeps on giving. I’m not sure why this woman tagged any of these pics #random. They are all very deliberately her lips and cleavage. IMG_2560

Here’s why Instagram can be a life coaching tool:

If we snap a pic each time we change locations or every 60 minutes, our timelines would represent our reality. We would get an accurate view of how we allot our time. Do we spend enough time with the kids? Are we doing something that elicits a feeling of dread? You’ve probably been saying for a year that you’re gonna shop at the organic market, yet there you are at Shoprite. (I don’t mean to call you out.)

Next week I’ll post my reality timeline. Maybe I’ll make Southern California traffic look romantic. (There’s a photo filter for that!) Or maybe I’ll just represent my time in the car with an image of my dogs in the backseat.


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