Lessons from my Love Affair with Instagram

I planned on a one day Instagram experiment in which I’d post hourly or each time I changed location. It never happened. Those photos would’ve been taken in haste and I wouldn’t have received any red heart notifications for them. (Instagram Lesson #1: I DO care what people think. ugh.) But also I was busy doing, you know, stuff. Living. To produce regular updates on all social media requires a team of people OR someone way more efficient than I.

Here’s my most recent timeline screenshot:InstaFeed

~ My animal obsession is pretty well covered. I started volunteering at a place with exotic animals so I have a video of Annie the Armadillo tootling around the room I was sweeping. When I post that we’ll see if #armadillo is a popular tag. (Instagram Lesson #2: I’m not likely to post anything that goes viral… or even gets shared a bunch.)

~ I did post a few diary entries from high school. I love reading memoir and uncensored journals so I’m hoping to find that community on this platform.

~ I did post a bit of yoga. No fancy asana pics because it seems a little odd to bust out my iPhone during Mysore and say to the sweaty bastard next to me, “Do you mind stopping your practice for a sec so you can immortalize me in kapotasana?” Most people take yoga pics with their friends in a beautiful setting. But (a) my friends are mostly dogs and (b) I need an excess of warm up to get into any “cool” poses. I did post a video of kirtan (defined as devotional singing but my boyfriend says we look like a cult) where I’m playing guitar in the background and there are “famous” people in the foreground. (Famous-in-quotes because you’d have to be an Ashtangi or a Japanese Ashtangi to know them.)

~ I didn’t post any pics of driving, though I did a good amount of that. I took one pic on my way to teach Monday morning and it looks like there’s no traffic! FullSizeRenderSo no one would believe me that it takes 15 minutes to go 3 miles. (Instagram Lesson #3: Reality isn’t always “post worthy.“) I wish that the truth would always win. But when I see someone’s cute dog pic with stacks of boxes being hoarded in the background I think, “Why didn’t they go outside to take this pic?” A slightly altered reality makes for better media.

~ I do want to post more stuff about my current writing but I haven’t quite figured out how. Other people post motivational quotes or photos of their published book covers. Neither way fits my personality or predicament. (Instagram Lesson #4: Make sure I’m happy with my own timeline.)

The goal of my failed experiment was to hold myself accountable for how I spend my time. I have countless interests and divide my time between them all. My timeline should reflect my passions and help nudge me to make right choices (like to study French instead of watch White Collar season 3.) Instagram Lesson #5: People get more followers when they have one focus for their timeline. For example, “beach scenes” or “faces of people you’d run into in NYC.” Is it possible to carve a niche for myself and attract followers who love dance, yoga, writing, animals and travel? Or maybe in a few months I’ll narrow down which side of myself to present on Instagram.

How do you guys handle your Instagram feeds? Has it changed over time? 






  1. amy willett · · Reply

    Miss R,

    I will gladly…happily!…snap a picture of YOU anytime during mysore!…my pleasure! 😊

    As always…Love your thoughts…thank you for sharing!


    Amy (Willett)

    Sent from Windows Mail

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  2. Didn’t realize you’re on Instagram. You just got one more follower. (I know I’m not answering your question. Don’t hold it against me!)

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  3. Nicole Leshaw · · Reply

    Apparently this runs in the family…I forget to post things all the time.

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  4. I don’t do Instagram, but would love a lesson from you. You are right that it takes a team to keep up on social media!

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  5. I post just once every two weeks and use IG to update Facebook, and leave it at that.


  6. I post mid month and beginning of the month and use it to update Facebook and leave it at that.

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    1. Colin, Glad to hear from you!!! Seeing your name in my inbox made me smile! xo


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