Monthly Archives: November 2015

When Do you Feel Free? (An Incomplete List From My Friends and Neighbors)

When do you feel free? My friends in New York and California weighed in and many had overlapping ideas. (My friends tend to be middle-class, leftist, non-religious and educated, so this is a highly slanted and incomplete list. Everyone’s interpretation of freedom depends on how they identify and in which country/community they live.) When we have the house to ourselves. As in, […]

Can We Binge Our Way into Balance? (My Week of Binge-Partying in NYC)

In my normal life I’m in bed by 10:30 and up at 6. So when my family obligations in New York finished early, I figured my five free nights in NYC could tip the scales toward a more balanced yearly average for nighttime social interaction. Can binge-partying for a week make up for a year […]

I Heart New York: Uprooting Oneself Might Not Be as Hard as We Think

Every season of America’s Next Top Model someone says, “When I first arrived in the competition, I didn’t really care if I won. I just wanted the experience. But now that I’m here, I really, really want to win.” After being immersed in modeling for a week or two, their home lives fell away and […]