Dogs are the Gurus: One Hour at the Lagoon

14809411617_0bc982cee1_kThe dogs pictured here are a few of my best friends. They always teach me something, comparable to the parents of young children reveling in their kid’s sense of wonder.

People I barely know at a party will inform me that my love for animals is my way of compensating for not being a mother. They think it’s okay to analyze and condescend because I’ve made the conscious choice to be childless, and that makes me crazy. If they thought I miscarried or my child died, no one would peep about my misplaced maternal affection. I’m well aware that my funeral will be at the dog park.

9405860156_09cc7c0f69_kThe animals teach me how to live freely, love and prioritize. With my [dog] friends at the lagoon trail, I learned that we don’t have to behave a specific way just because people expect us to. Zoe the black poodle is usually prim and proper, more of a chess player than a scavenger, but at the lagoon she found simple pleasures in carrying a stick between her teeth for a mile. She didn’t think it through, she just did what felt right. Next time I want to wear a dress or heels but don’t feel like facing, “Whaat?!?! YOU are dressed up?,” I’ll think of Zoe and I’ll do it anyway.


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