Why Fake-Follow Me on Social Media When You Can Be Reading a Book?

onwitingHave phones replaced books? My phone is always with me, so why do I have 63 unread email messages? The more streamline the technology, the more I fill my arms with fiction from the library. Consuming media on my phone feels forced. I would love Stephen King to update On Writing and give his uncensored opinion about social media and the death of print media.

Instagram is a fun, mindless app that I’ve only accessed from my phone. But, like my email, I can’t stay on top it. I’ve learned that the formula for getting followers is to open the app frequently, “like” often and “follow” with abandon. I do enjoy scrolling through photos (especially if I’m talking on speaker phone) but there’s a cutthroat strategy that ruins the whole vibe of the app: people Follow me for about 24 hours and Unfollow when I don’t return the “favor.” How do they keep track of who they are fake-following? Isn’t that exhausting? This implies that they don’t actually care what anyone is posting, they just want fame for themselves. The ultimate goal of modern life to be adored by as many people as possible.IMG_9374

My friend who works with teenagers wants all social media sites to hide Follower counts. Then the platform can be about connecting instead of deciphering the How to Be Famous formula. Imagine all the extra time people would have to read books! Sure, old people still read. And great Young Adult books are being published everyday so someone is buying them. But no doubt the societal pressure of keeping up with media apps has made people less inclined to read. Thank goodness we still have the occasional break-out book (Harry Potter, Fifty Shades of Grey, Eat Pray Love, etc.) that generate buzz and make book clubs cool again.



  1. You made me laugh. I’m new to blogging so I follow very few blogs, and only those that I actually read the posts. I, too, would rather spend my time reading books and writing.

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    1. Welcome to the blogging world! Thanks for reading!

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  2. This is relevant to me today, as I am taking a one month hiatus from all social media to detox for a bit…there’s too many triggering thought forms out there right now. Saucha applies to what we put in our brains, too!

    So, maybe I’m old, but I read all the time…mostly good, classic, edifying and/or spiritual stuff. (My kids do, too, so there’s hope.) I buy physical books from local booksellers, too. But, I admit to the convenience of reading on my iPad – of having a whole library at my fingertips – it’s the biggest benefit of the device. Much easier to pack! Still, there’s nothing like the heft and feel of a good book.

    Sending a hug from Massachusetts!

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    1. Yes, books on an iPad would be so convenient for traveling but my eyes could never get used to it. Or maybe my brain couldn’t get used to it because I read blogs on my phone all the time! Thanks for taking the time to comment. And for raising kids who read!


  3. Are you back? More about your amazing trip please!
    And I’m with you, I only follow those blogs I wish to read.

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    1. Yes, I’m back. I’ve been so busy but I should write more about the trip! Thanks for the encouragement! 😉

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  4. New reader here – keep ’em coming!


    1. Thank you for reading! I will keep writing, albeit slowly!

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  5. prashantt · · Reply

    Haahaaa….see i love reading books a lot and yes also like to read fellow bloggers blog here.This is wonderful & thanks for stopping by my page.I’ll hope you will like the variations of writings here 🙂

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