7 Days of Silence and Some Absurd Text Messages

During my week of the flu/laryngitis I’d text my comments to my husband even if he was just on the other side of our L-shaped couch, and he’d reply verbally like a normal person. What remains is a one-sided text conversation proving most/all of my comments unnecessary and excessive. For the whole week everything revolved around my cat (always on my lap,) The Walking Dead (a great binge-while-sick show) and my illness.


One might think that a suspenseful show like The Walking Dead requires paying attention. How do I manage to text so much? Why am I looking at food in my lap? All of my comments could’ve been withheld with no consequence.


One more screenshot. “She” is still my cat, Mike must’ve left the room to pee and I’m still blabbering silently.


As a dogwalker with laryngitis, I used whistles and kissing noises to communicate with the pups. This week I’ve gone back to an endless monologue, as if the voice is an unlimited resource.cardogs

Getting into the car…Dash, scoot over. Out of the driver’s seat. It’s not my seat because I’m better than you. It’s mine because the car was designed for someone with my body shape. A human. I’m your chauffeur and you get to sit back and relax.”

In the car…Koda, make sure sure you give Diva enough room back there. She can’t help it that she’s a big girl. We like big girls, right? And we like little girls. However they were born is perfect, just like you’re perfect.”

Walking…Who has two eyes, you or me? Both of us. Who has a tail, you or me? You. Who has a thumb, you or me? Me. Who has legs, you or me? Both of us, but you have more.”

Excessive but amusing to me. So I will carry on with it and be glad that humans are not within earshot.



  1. ROFL. This morning I walk out of the bedroom to find the dog staring out the window and the snow and I say “Good morning sweet boy.” And my son sits up on the couch where he was laying looking at the snow and says “Good Morning Mom”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was talking to the dog. LOL


  2. This is funny! I just wrote a post about being sick too. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Being without a voice is more alarming than people think.


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