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I am reblogging Rosa’s post about our Second Series Ashtanga teacher training with Tim Miller. Tim spent a good deal of time addressing the unnecessary “strictness” of Ashtanga. To add a few quotes to Rosa’s: Tim believes in freedom to explore poses and room for personal style. For Parivritta Parsvakonasana he said, “People have a […]

When Do you Feel Free? (An Incomplete List From My Friends and Neighbors)

When do you feel free? My friends in New York and California weighed in and many had overlapping ideas. (My friends tend to be middle-class, leftist, non-religious and educated, so this is a highly slanted and incomplete list. Everyone’s interpretation of freedom depends on how they identify and in which country/community they live.) When we have the house to ourselves. As in, […]

Kelley Jhung, Funny Lady, on Self-Worth

One of my favorite quotes is ”Don’t ever compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got,” by Janis Joplin. If I didn’t live in Encinitas, I would live in Hawaii because life is slower there. Also, everyone there looks like me. The opening credits in the movie of my life would have Dylan’s “Shelter from the […]

Amelia Cranson on Success and Love

You’ll want to sit down with a cup of tea and read this answer aloud to whoever’s in the room. Amelia is a well-spoken intellectual (who knew?! She laughed at my very juvenile jokes in class the other day.) She gives us a lot to contemplate. What’s your definition of success? By that definition, do you consider yourself […]

Julia Fukuhara Fills In the Blanks

1. My favorite magazines to find in a waiting room are they still have magazines in waiting rooms? Doesn’t everyone own a smart phone? 2. If I wasn’t working as a pediatric hematology oncology nurse, spin/yoga instructor, Advocare advisor or raw vegan baker, I’d be an electronic music DJ. 3. Even though it’s not yogic […]

Debra Hodgen Fills In the Blanks

1. When I’m hosting a dinner party, my go-to best dishes are vegan chili, cornbread or veggie lasagna. 2. The book I most want to see turned into a movie is The Dalai Lama’s Cat because it’s a very sweet and humorous story with some wonderful teachings. 3. I fight the urge to give advice […]

Aubrey Hackman Fills In The Blanks

1. Yoga selfies are silly but entertaining. 2. When I get home after a long day, the first 3 things I do are take off my shoes, take a shower and go to bed (to get up early to get to yoga.) 3. My supermarket splurge is Whole Foods Parmesan crisps. 4. My favorite dance song […]

Belinda Pearl on Immigration from South Africa

Belinda has an accent. In my ignorance, I didn’t know it was a South African accent until we had been students together for at least a year. What’s your immigration story? I was a Track & Field athlete in South Africa, and a massage therapist and holistic healer. I randomly met a U.S. Olympic long […]

Jennifer McMenamin Alexander on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jennifer is known in Encinitas for taking two or three yoga classes a day, being late to class, being very skinny and posting cat photos on Facebook. This interview will explain some of that. Tell me about when you were first diagnosed with MS. Pretty much my entire life I’ve been ill in some way or […]

Carla Nappi on Love, Work and Play

Tell us about the first time you were in love. So, this is gonna sound strange, but I would have to say the first person that made me think, “Oh, This is love,” is the person that I’m with now. I met David on a ski trip through mutual friends. Actually, his best friend from […]