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Big Bear: Two Days off in Southern California

A dogwalking client recently bought a cabin in Big Bear, a small mountain town in Southern California, 2 ½ hours from the beach town where I live. They’ve been using it on weekends so they lent it to me for a midweek getaway, my first days off since May 22nd when I returned from East Africa. […]

Big Trees: A Road Trip to Northern California

Freedom is a full tank of gas and no obligations. Add a friend, take away traffic. Simple. My man and I left San Diego for the Sierra Nevada mountains and then Northern California, which would surprise no one if it were a separate state from Southern California. NorCal has trees and fewer people and valid reasons to own big […]

We Toured the Shit Out of Austin, Texas

My New York nephew and I decided to meet somewhere we hadn’t been before, at the halfway point between our coastal homes. We went for the logical choice of Austin, Texas. I brought my laptop with the intention of writing about an hour a night when we’d get back to the room. But we stayed […]