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Tricking Myself out of Fear

Originally posted on Rerighting Life:
I was feeling as if life had passed me by and it was too late to do anything truly great. I tuned into an interview of the filmmaker Richard Linklater on NPR, and felt even more of a failure. He’d accomplished so much and I hadn’t. (It’s a great habit comparing yourself…

How Do We Uproot Our Lives and Careers if We’re *Mostly* Happy?

Some jobs I’ve had that didn’t make me compromise happiness: Substitute teacher, kindergarten teacher, track coach, backpacking trip leader, trail crew leader, yoga teacher, dog walker. But what’s my long-term plan? Sometimes I want to move back to the city and dance more (or go dance in Guinea for a few months.) Sometimes I want to […]

YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO (the most of) //Guest Blog

Originally posted on Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker:
A follow up post inspired by Sara Glancy’s post “Why It’s Time To Call Bullshit on The ‘Starving Artist’ Myth” My name is Christopher Gabriel Núñez, I am a writer / actor / rapper and I haven’t worked a survival job in over a year. Let’s…