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Pre-Safari Interviews with Tanzanian Villagers: an NGO’s Environmental Ed Project

I’m holding Abeli’s waist as we weave around potholes and pass bright green rice fields. Our task for the day is to interview the eight residents from a nearby village who were randomly selected to participate in tomorrow’s┬áSafari. Finding the villagers quickly becomes an adventure. We show the sheet of paper listing names to a […]

Dogs are the Gurus: One Hour at the Lagoon

The dogs pictured here are a few of my best friends. They always teach me something, comparable to the parents of young children reveling in their kid’s sense of wonder. People I barely know at a party will inform┬áme that my love for animals is my way of compensating for not being a mother. They […]

Julia Fukuhara Fills In the Blanks

1. My favorite magazines to find in a waiting room are they still have magazines in waiting rooms? Doesn’t everyone own a smart phone? 2. If I wasn’t working as a pediatric hematology oncology nurse, spin/yoga instructor, Advocare advisor or raw vegan baker, I’d be an electronic music DJ. 3. Even though it’s not yogic […]