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“If You Wanna Pay Me and Be Lazy, You’re a Crazy Person”: Old-School Teaching Needs to Make a Comeback

A woman in our African dance class last week stopped dancing for 10 minutes at a clip to standby and watch. Finally I said to her, “If you can’t do the step, just walk to the beat. That way you can practice hearing the different drums and following the rhythm.” The live drums were loud […]

Pre-trip is like Friday Afternoon Before Shabbat. Now I’m Africa Bound.

I’m sitting in seat 45H on my way to south and east Africa for two months. My eyes are puffy from too much crying and a puppy has kept me awake the past four nights so I’m not a pretty sight, but I’m cocooned in with a good book and dried mango. All week has […]

Can We Binge Our Way into Balance? (My Week of Binge-Partying in NYC)

In my normal life I’m in bed by 10:30 and up at 6. So when my family obligations in New York finished early, I figured my five free nights in NYC could tip the scales toward a more balanced yearly average for nighttime social interaction. Can binge-partying for a week make up for a year […]

Wannabes and Posers: A Path of Self Improvement?

Remember the words “wannabe” and “poser” from Junior High? Defined as, “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people,” these are derogatory words that imply dissatisfaction with self and weakness of character. But what if “wannabes” are just inspired? They see something worth replicating and they […]

Lessons from my Love Affair with Instagram

I planned on a one day Instagram experiment in which I’d post hourly or each time I changed location. It never happened. Those photos would’ve been taken in haste and I wouldn’t have received any red heart notifications for them. (Instagram Lesson #1: I DO care what people think. ugh.) But also I was busy doing, you […]

“Before This and After This”… When Life Changes in a Moment

The events that changed my life are often not events at all, but rather a few months of “something” that nudged me and led to certain decisions. This would put me in the camp of, “CHANGE IS A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT.” But I quite like the quote in the photo and gave it some […]

“Just Do It- Even If You Suck”

For the last step in an Afro-Indian dance class, we all shook our butts as best we could. After class, a woman who had sat out for the last 75 minutes asked me how we do it. I said, “we practice.” She replied, “But the moves are so confusing. How do you even get started?” […]

Amanda James on Remembering What We Were Born Knowing

Amanda and I were roommates back when she was vegan and not yet teaching yoga. Her dog, Jada, was a clever meat-lover who could open the fridge when we weren’t home, despite us blockading the door with furniture or duct taping it closed. One night when Amanda got home late from her job at the […]

Brooke Tigh on Dance, Boobs and Barre

When I was Brooke’s yoga teacher, she would tell me that my underwear line was showing and I should stop wearing “granny panties.” When she subbed for my classes, I told her to wear a loose shirt and cover her cleavage so she wouldn’t distract the students. She is not fragile. Brooke says many great things […]