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Vacationing with my Ex: 8 Days in Kauai

Mike and I broke up last summer over a brutal few months that plunged me into therapy, Landmark Forum and salsa dancing, and inspired him to lose 40 pounds, switch career paths and develop a daily meditation practice. Despite the changes, I didn’t want everything to change. I had loved him for 10+ years, and […]

Dogs are the Gurus: One Hour at the Lagoon

The dogs pictured here are a few of my best friends. They always teach me something, comparable to the parents of young children reveling in their kid’s sense of wonder. People I barely know at a party will inform me that my love for animals is my way of compensating for not being a mother. They […]

Jennifer McMenamin Alexander on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jennifer is known in Encinitas for taking two or three yoga classes a day, being late to class, being very skinny and posting cat photos on Facebook. This interview will explain some of that. Tell me about when you were first diagnosed with MS. Pretty much my entire life I’ve been ill in some way or […]

Cameron Mehta on Navigating into His Chosen Life

Not too long ago, Cameron was intimidated by “Improv Level 4/5” on the class schedule. I told him, “If the likes of me is in there, you can definitely do it.” Sure enough, he is the gifted pupil and his abilities provide much amusement for the rest of us. You can easily bend backwards and […]

David Baron on Being a Jewish Father

I can’t introduce David with an anecdote because we spoke for the first time at this interview. I’ll say this: he has always given the impression of being harmless and gentle. What is a common misconception that people have of you? People are surprised to learn that I’m 44 and I have a daughter who’s […]

Julie Stansell on Changing Her Mind

I purposely chose skin-revealing photos of Julie to accompany her self-revealing answer below. You’ll see why. By only appearances, we simply can’t know how someone feels or what they’re going through. What was the last thing you changed your mind about? The first thing that comes to mind is that I wasn’t going to eat carbs […]

Amy Willett on her Recent Graduation from Yoga Teacher Training

When Amy started yoga 17 years ago, she considered yoga class “nice music and a big game of Simon Says.” She just finished her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification in Carlsbad, CA. To graduate from the Teacher Training, you had to teach a sample of poses to the other teacher candidates. How did you psych yourself […]

Aiden Moran on Growing Up with Yoga

I’ve only met Aiden a handful of times in yoga class. It’s Tracy Moran, his mom, that I see often. She’s a metaphysician, which, until you meet her, might sound a little nuts. She calls on Divine Light to help someone spiritually heal their aura and chakras. The Morans are a high-functioning family and I […]

Catherine Clancy on Adoption

Catherine adopted her daughter 9 years ago. She admits to something wonderful in this interview that applies everyone, parents or not. She admits that during a tough time, yoga didn’t help. Yoga wasn’t magic. But her life now is quite magical and her outlook is very thought-provoking. For example, she calls the decision to be child-free “courageous.” […]

Anonymous Postcard on Surrendering a Child for Adoption

The postcard says: We will never know anything about you- not even your name… We DO know how much courage it took to make the decision you did… THANK YOU! Because of that decision we have a beautiful, amazing daughter… You likely know parents with an adopted child. It’s out there in the open, a huge […]