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She Asked the Guru, “Can Atheists Do Yoga?”

  Recently a student asked our Ashtanga yoga teacher, “Can people do yoga if they don’t believe in god?” I stopped what I was doing to listen to his answer. See, the thing is, I’m not a Believer. I’m a New Yorker who learned that gurus/pastors/rabbis were just guys with enough charisma to charm their way into […]

Dogs are the Gurus: One Hour at the Lagoon

The dogs pictured here are a few of my best friends. They always teach me something, comparable to the parents of young children reveling in their kid’s sense of wonder. People I barely know at a party will inform me that my love for animals is my way of compensating for not being a mother. They […]

My Guru, Diva the Rottweiler

This is one of my Gurus, Diva. I am made better simply by being in her presence. In this blog, I’m attempting to foster love for Humans-in-General by understanding the lives of some. But you don’t have to know anything about Diva to love her and be affected by her magic. To know she exists is enough.   […]