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Pete Murray (Part One) on Rock Stardom

Many of you blog readers have cornered me near the shoe cubbies to ask when I’m going to interview Pete Murray. I did some cyber stalking and learned that he’s sorta famous. He has fans and his own entry on Wikipedia. Despite having been interviewed countless times all over the world (including for the New […]

Marcia Siegel on Self-Reflection with a Soundtrack

Marcia has been a yoga student since age 16, but has “only been teaching it about 12 years.” She teaches LifeForce Yoga, a style that deals with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD. I knew through the yoga-teacher grapevine that Marcia recently had rotator cuff surgery. I planned to ask her one random, revealing question but first […]

“First Day of my Life” Video from Bright Eyes is Empathy 101

This video is worth your 3 minutes. It acknowledges a range of human experience and the stories behind us all.