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White Lady On The Loose in Tanzania! (Me.)

I don’t remember the first time I saw a non-white person. If I stared, my mother would’ve flicked me and said, “Stop being rude.” The topic of race is taboo in White America, maybe because the guilt is too much. Now I’m a mzungu (white person) in Tanzania and I get stared at everywhere I […]

Are Dark-Complexioned Black Women working Twice as Hard for Half the Re$pect?

Lately I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Black Girls Talking.” I’m not black and I don’t get half of the pop references they make (who is Kreayshawn?) but I listen because they talk about race in a way that no one will when white people are present. They’re upfront and angry. They’re not trying […]

Your Body and Personality is Just an Illusion

“You are not your body.” After years of yoga, we tend to come to that conclusion. The body is the vessel. As Ani DiFranco said, “My body is borrowed. Yeah, I got it on loan. For the time in between my mom and some maggots.” It’s harder to accept that we’re also not our thoughts, […]