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Big Bear: Two Days off in Southern California

A dogwalking client recently bought a cabin in Big Bear, a small mountain town in Southern California, 2 ½ hours from the beach town where I live. They’ve been using it on weekends so they lent it to me for a midweek getaway, my first days off since May 22nd when I returned from East Africa. […]

Why Fake-Follow Me on Social Media When You Can Be Reading a Book?

Have phones replaced books? My phone is always with me, so why do I have 63 unread email messages? The more streamline the technology, the more I fill my arms with fiction from the library. Consuming media on my phone feels forced. I would love Stephen King to update On Writing and give his uncensored opinion about […]

I’m a Traveling Introvert 

After an eight hour bus ride on the Greyhound-like TransLux, I’m at my hostel in Johannesburg. It has a courtyard and pool, bamboo-lined pathways and two dogs. I sprung the extra $6 for a private room but I’m hanging out in the lounge where a man is watching a TV show subtitled in English and […]

Instagram Can Be a Life Coach #WhoKnew

Surprisingly, it turns out that I kinda love Instagram. I can scroll through someone’s timeline and, without any words, understand what they like and prioritize. The photos create a vibe. More than other social media platforms, it feels intimate and individualistic. How we choose to present ourselves is quite telling. Here’s someone who obviously like books. […]