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Wannabes and Posers: A Path of Self Improvement?

Remember the words “wannabe” and “poser” from Junior High? Defined as, “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people,” these are derogatory words that imply dissatisfaction with self and weakness of character. But what if “wannabes” are just inspired? They see something worth replicating and they […]

Lessons from my Love Affair with Instagram

I planned on a one day Instagram experiment in which I’d post hourly or each time I changed location. It never happened. Those photos would’ve been taken in haste and I wouldn’t have received any red heart notifications for them. (Instagram Lesson #1: I DO care what people think. ugh.) But also I was busy doing, you […]

Ari Marsh on Musicianship and Non-Conformity

I met Ari about 7 years ago at a West African dance class in Encinitas. I was a dance student and he was one of the drummers. Sometimes Ari was in an ensemble of 8 drummers and sometimes it was just him; he would carry the complete beat and energy of the class. I could’ve attended […]

Carole Bloom on Building her Career with Many Small Steps

I met Carole Bloom 6 years ago at a 10:45am yoga class. I was a new teacher at that studio and accidentally taught for 75 minutes instead of 90. Carole let me know, and since then I’ve taught her at least twice a week. She prioritizes her health and active lifestyle. Despite her being a […]