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Too Much Ego Can Stunt Your Growth

Ashtanga yoga deserves its reputation for being physically demanding. “Intro to Ashtanga” classes that cover about 40-60% of the Primary Series are the most difficult Level One classes out there. The first major hurdle (oft dreaded poses that take years to master) is Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (see pic.) If students can’t fully extend their top leg, they […]

She Asked the Guru, “Can Atheists Do Yoga?”

  Recently a student asked our Ashtanga yoga teacher, “Can people do yoga if they don’t believe in god?” I stopped what I was doing to listen to his answer. See, the thing is, I’m not a Believer. I’m a New Yorker who learned that gurus/pastors/rabbis were just guys with enough charisma to charm their way into […]


I am reblogging Rosa’s post about our Second Series Ashtanga teacher training with Tim Miller. Tim spent a good deal of time addressing the unnecessary “strictness” of Ashtanga. To add a few quotes to Rosa’s: Tim believes in freedom to explore poses and room for personal style. For Parivritta Parsvakonasana he said, “People have a […]

Wannabes and Posers: A Path of Self Improvement?

Remember the words “wannabe” and “poser” from Junior High? Defined as, “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people,” these are derogatory words that imply dissatisfaction with self and weakness of character. But what if “wannabes” are just inspired? They see something worth replicating and they […]

Showing Up: Pattabhi Jois and Woody Allen Agree

In Ashtanga yoga, we practice 6 days a week. Sri K Pattabhi Jois, who brought this yoga method to the West, said, “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% knowledge.” In order to practice, we have to to clear our schedules (including when our college friends are visiting or when we regrettably binged on pizza the night before) and show […]

I’m a Meat-Eating Yoga Teacher (and I Would Eat Dog)

I just had this article published in the Unpopular Opinion column at xoJane.com. I knew it would elicit strong responses, but the comments on xoJane.com generally dismiss my ideas as hilarious and too absurd for real consideration. Hey, they supported their comments with cute GIFs so it’s all good! But please comment on this blog […]

Aubrey Hackman Fills In The Blanks

1. Yoga selfies are silly but entertaining. 2. When I get home after a long day, the first 3 things I do are take off my shoes, take a shower and go to bed (to get up early to get to yoga.) 3. My supermarket splurge is Whole Foods Parmesan crisps. 4. My favorite dance song […]

Cameron Mehta on Navigating into His Chosen Life

Not too long ago, Cameron was intimidated by “Improv Level 4/5” on the class schedule. I told him, “If the likes of me is in there, you can definitely do it.” Sure enough, he is the gifted pupil and his abilities provide much amusement for the rest of us. You can easily bend backwards and […]

Marcia Siegel on Self-Reflection with a Soundtrack

Marcia has been a yoga student since age 16, but has “only been teaching it about 12 years.” She teaches LifeForce Yoga, a style that deals with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD. I knew through the yoga-teacher grapevine that Marcia recently had rotator cuff surgery. I planned to ask her one random, revealing question but first […]

Tamara Lafferty-Totman on Her Resume as a Yoga Teacher

About 5 years ago, Tamara and I were teaching yoga at many of the same places. She left to join the “normal” workforce, the people who can’t wear pajamas or sweatpants to work. But soon she came back. Here’s how it went down. What is one thing on your resume that you would change if you […]