Ever get stuck at a red light because of a slow driver in front of you? Or someone cut you off on the freeway? It’s easy to dismiss those drivers as idiots, and to blame them for wasting our time or being reckless. But only because we don’t know them.

We’re often inconsiderate of people we don’t know. So let’s get to know each other.

We can start with our yoga community- people with whom we share sacred space for hours every week. Because yoga is a quiet and introspective activity, our “Friends from Yoga Class” often have entire lives about which we know nothing. In this blog, we will interview yogis about their life choices, passions and struggles. We can learn from the ways in which each person is trying to create happiness and to live well.

The BIG goal- to find value in strangers, and create more empathy and peace in our dealings with other humans.

Here’s a quote from Alexander McCall Smith that says it well. Click here to read the full excerpt.

… Each of us, even the least of us, has a rich hinterland of value behind us: the lives we have led, the thoughts we have had, the love we have given and received- the little things of our lives that may not mean much to others unless and until they are granted insight… To see another as a soul is to acknowledge the magnificent, epic course that life is for each of us, and to experience sympathy for the other in his or her negotiation of that course.

For Rachel’s bio, yoga class schedule in Encinitas or pics, check out www.YogaByRachel.com


  1. Being intentional in getting to know people, always goes a long way in avoiding misconceptions 🙂

    I appreciate you coming across my post and liking it.


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  2. Lovely intro and wonderful challenge, one I struggle with daily–remembering that people are just people not obstacles planted along my life route. Thank you for the reminder.

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