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Tricking Myself out of Fear

Originally posted on Rerighting Life:
I was feeling as if life had passed me by and it was too late to do anything truly great. I tuned into an interview of the filmmaker Richard Linklater on NPR, and felt even more of a failure. He’d accomplished so much and I hadn’t. (It’s a great habit comparing yourself…

I Get Distracted. (Pictures as Proof.)

Gardening usually bores me but today I found that scooping dead leaves into a bucket was a pleasant escape from writing. This month has been busy and the less I write, the less I want to write. The more disconnected I feel from the story. My in-laws were in town for three weeks so when I […]

Lessons from my Love Affair with Instagram

I planned on a one day Instagram experiment in which I’d post hourly or each time I changed location. It never happened. Those photos would’ve been taken in haste and I wouldn’t have received any red heart notifications for them. (Instagram Lesson #1: I DO care what people think. ugh.) But also I was busy doing, you […]