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I’m a Traveling Introvert 

After an eight hour bus ride on the Greyhound-like TransLux, I’m at my hostel in Johannesburg. It has a courtyard and pool, bamboo-lined pathways and two dogs. I sprung the extra $6 for a private room but I’m hanging out in the lounge where a man is watching a TV show subtitled in English and […]

What You Won’t Hear Me Say on Facebook

Since I started telling people that I’ll be in Africa for two months this Spring, I’ve been floating some concerns in my head. This list grows as people contribute their opinions and I sign waivers to email overseas. Since social media is disproportionately “my life is awesome” anecdotes, the messy parts of our lives get overlooked […]

Big Trees: A Road Trip to Northern California

Freedom is a full tank of gas and no obligations. Add a friend, take away traffic. Simple. My man and I left San Diego for the Sierra Nevada mountains and then Northern California, which would surprise no one if it were a separate state from Southern California. NorCal has trees and fewer people and valid reasons to own big […]

Lessons from my Love Affair with Instagram

I planned on a one day Instagram experiment in which I’d post hourly or each time I changed location. It never happened. Those photos would’ve been taken in haste and I wouldn’t have received any red heart notifications for them. (Instagram Lesson #1: I DO care what people think. ugh.) But also I was busy doing, you […]


Originally posted on Yoga Nag:
Well? Are you coming? It’s practice time. Says Charlie. Can you create such a regular routine for yoga that even your dog knows when it is time to practice? Happy Monday, yogis. Do #yoga. Today. Everyday. Practice and pause, Yoga Nag http://www.YogaNag.com #yogaeverydamnday #yogapuppy #practice #yogadog

Fall in Love and Cut Everyone Some Slack

The past few weeks I’ve spent 20+ hours a day loving animals. Eating and yoga were my only daily activities without them. (Yes, I slept with them.) Moments from this animal sanctuary will play on the highlight reel at my deathbed. There were 30-45 other volunteers. Since this blog is designed to help me build love […]

Pete Murray (Part Two) on Life Outside of Music

This is Part Two of Pete’s interview. Part One is “Pete Murray on Rock Stardom.” Readers, I haven’t bossed you around yet so perhaps you can indulge me this one time. You NEED to check out the homepage of Pete’s band Life on Planet 9. It’s what every filmmaker wishes they came up with. When […]

My Guru, Diva the Rottweiler

This is one of my Gurus, Diva. I am made better simply by being in her presence. In this blog, I’m attempting to foster love for Humans-in-General by understanding the lives of some. But you don’t have to know anything about Diva to love her and be affected by her magic. To know she exists is enough.   […]

Brooke Tigh on Dance, Boobs and Barre

When I was Brooke’s yoga teacher, she would tell me that my underwear line was showing and I should stop wearing “granny panties.” When she subbed for my classes, I told her to wear a loose shirt and cover her cleavage so she wouldn’t distract the students. She is not fragile. Brooke says many great things […]

Susan Taylor on Being Yourself and California Culture

Susan Taylor is one of my yoga teachers at the Ashtanga Yoga Center. She creates a fun improv sequence and incorporates Pilates and circus tricks. One of my favorite things about her is that you can say anything (in or out of class) without shocking her. And she gives hugs freely, thanks students for coming and […]